D4 Media previously known as Dharma Dhara is a pioneer in media production and IT services in Kerala since 1997. We have developed android applications like Thafheemul Quran (d4media.in/thafheem.html), Quran Lalithasaram (d4media.in/lalithasaram.html), Al-Quran Malayalam (d4media.in/alquran.html) etc. and remarkable softwares like Thafheemul Quran. We have designed websites like thafheem.net, lalithasaram.net, alquranmalayalam.net, islammalayalam.net, iphkerala.com, iphkerala.com/store, sangamam.in, islamonlive.in, muslimheritage.in, prabodhanam.net, aramamonline.net etc and provides timely maintenance for them. Our YouTube channel named D4 Media with 1.5 lakh subscribers, and subsidiary channels like D4 Kids, Quran Padanam, Dialogue Media, D4 Live and IslamOnlive regularly premiers variety of contents which include Cartoons, Politics, Religion and Education.

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